Enjoy The Best Of Masturbation With Tenga Cups

Introduced by the Japanese company in the year 2005, Tenga cups are masturbation devices which work as an effective aid in this regard by enhancing your pleasure levels to a new dimension. They are credited with a lot of accolades and the core objective has to provide stimulation to the male sensual organ. It started with the concept of Deep throat cups and in recent times the name was changed to Original vacuum cup. In a way it can be conferred as product which is a blend of suction and surface.

This product was designed in such a manner to provide an ultimate suction experience.  Though they tend to be available in a host of size and shapes there are three color variations of it that are linked to the firmness of the product.

  • The white ones are considered to be the gentle among the lot
  • The red ones are considered to be standard in stature
  • The black ones are the strongest in the lot.

In addition to this the company goes on to provide six different stimulation experience to the customers

The Mode Of Operation Of The Tenga Cup?

The product designed by the company goes on to resemble a smooth insertion pad. So the internal part that touches the tip of the penis is made of a soft material and provides a sensation. Once it is in your hand just remove it and insert it on your penis.

  • With the help of the product your masturbation experience is bound to be taken to a new level
  • They are pretty easy to use. Just open the case, unpack and then insert your penis and stroke it.
  • They are designed in such a clever manner that they do not look like a sex toy and because of this reason the product tends to appear a lot discreet
  • There are three different options with regards to the product which is soft, standard and firm
  • There is no need to buy any form of lubricants as the product tends to be self-lubricated in nature
  • There is no need to worry about washing or cleaning the product as it is for one time use and the moment you use it one can dispose it.

The Best Masturbation Companion

A lot of options are available to the customers on choosing their own masturbation toy. Though most of the devices have a single time use, Tenga has gone on to develop a product which entices the customer to use the product more than once like a Tenga 3D series.

The combination of suction and sensation calls for it being an extremely viable product in terms of pleasure. With the help of the hole at the top you can go on to adjust the strength of the vacuum as per your own preferences. You can also go on to clean the sleeve and use it over and over again.

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